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As an early pioneer of Eco Fashion and the owner/designer of my own brand Deborah Lindquist Eco Lifestyle, I see more than ever that it is important to be a conscious consumer and a conscious designer of our lives.

Thoughts become things. We all turn our thoughts and ideas into physical things by nourishing these ideas and putting them into a framework of practice.

My eco-fashion design courses are created to educate, inspire, and support you in your own journey of creativity. Join us!

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In the last 40 + years in my own business, I have sold my work worldwide, been featured in numerous publications, podcasts, interviews, sold to the best stores, and dressed the most amazing people. 

I am excited and honored to share my love for eco-fashion with you and invite you to join my Eco Fashion Design Courses!

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Join our premiere online Introduction to Eco Design and Fabric Embellishment Course.

Would you like to be mentored through the process?

Just launched! Join our Eco Design and Fabric Embellishment Course with mentorship.

In this 9 week course I will mentor you through the process of learning the skillsets I developed in creating my brand. The mentorship course includes 6 coaching calls.


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