Session 7: Recap

Duration 7 min 50s

recap image design courses

A recap of what was covered including final thoughts and a path forward

Your path forward is the most important part of this masterclass and the sessions in it.

Over time I have found that in teaching students my process in my atelier that fabric embellishment is an accessible way to get started and is a segue to more complex studies in fashion design.

 I can demonstrate what I have done in my own business over the course of nearly 40 years and teach you what I have learned, my techniques, my point of view. But the most important thing for me is that I inspire you and encourage you to take your own creative ideas seriously.

Take time to learn and perfect the classical skills necessary to turn your ideas into something physical. There are many parts to fashion design. Design, sketching, patternmaking, construction, fit, presentation, textile choices, production methods, and more. Whether or not you want to actually become a fashion designer is up to you. Learning the craft takes time and work.


While each student's creative ideas differ from the next, the common element is that it is a process, and some of that process is trial and error. Learn to embrace the process, try new things, be open to new ideas and challenge yourself.

Mistakes will happen but sometimes the mistakes lead to a new direction, a new way of doing things. Stay curious and open to various ways of doing things, from classical to "ninja".

How do you imagine your life? How do the things you focus on show up in its creation? Everything showing up in your life is what you imagined and focused on, good, bad, or otherwise..

You get to design your own life so make it incredible and fill it with things that you love. I feel that a community of ethically minded, creative people can do great things. This masterclass is just the beginning of more courses to come.



Thank you for being here.

Expanded content for the class sessions are provided in the downloadable workbook where you will find class assignments, suggested supplies, references, vocabulary, community support, references, and more.