Session 2: Applique

applique course image

Duration 27 min 46 s

In this session I tell the story of how my iconic appliqué cashmere sweaters were first designed and demonstrate my appliqué technique.

I use appliqué as a type of textile design.  Appliqué is an ancient technique and is used by many cultures in the creation of clothing and home decor.
Through appliqué I typically start with a plain textile and tell the  story I want to tell through the shapes I cut and stitch on to the fabric.
It's a unique skillset that requires seeing, attention to detail, and the ability to simplify an idea into silhouettes.

I recommend my appliqué croquis workshop, a workshop I have taught in person to students for over a decade. I will be providing a link to the online zoom class  I taught this year which will be found in the workbook.

Expanded content for the class sessions are provided in the downloadable workbook where you will find class assignments, suggested supplies, references, vocabulary, community support, references, and more.