Session 3: Reverse Applique

reverse applique

Duration 5 min 21s

Reverse appliqué is a technique using 2 or more layers of fabric. The top fabric is stitched and areas are cut away to reveal the design.

 Reverse appliqué is a unique skillset that requires attention to detail and and practice. 

I have used reverse appliqué mostly in t-shirt designs but am illustrating it in this session in denim which for me is a new idea and one that I feel is worth exploration. The drawbacks of heaviness or loss of stretch in knits when using more than one layer can be worked out through ingenuity and the correct pattern work. The same goes when working with wovens. In the denim vest demonstration, I am using reverse appliqué on the center front area that includes facing as an accent to a simple vest design. This minimal amount of reverse appliqué avoids heaviness throughout the garment.

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