Session 5: Stud and Rhinestone Embellishments

Duration 18min 34 s

studs image course

In this session I demonstrate how to embellish designs with studs and rhinestones using a kick press as well as studs with a Chicago screw back.

I started my business in 1983 as a belt designer. In designing and producing my belts which were made of Milanese mesh, I found I needed to learn and develop some unique skills. The material itself was quite unusual, it was a new idea in the marketplace and because of that I learned to develop my own methods of constructing and producing them.  They became wildly popular and I was making them by hand, not in a commercial factory. 
I used a kick press then and continue to use a kick press now for metal and rhinestone embellishments on fabric.
But there are other machines to use as is detailed in the workbook.

Expanded content for the class sessions are provided in the downloadable workbook where you will find class assignments, suggested supplies, references, vocabulary, community support, references, and more.